Meet Julie

Here is the part where I tell you all about how I've loved sweets since I was a wee child and I was destined to become a Pastry Chef. Although cliche, it's true for the most part! I don't necessarily think I was destined to be a Pastry Chef, it was just more of a wise decision I made. I stuck with it, worked hard, and haven't regretted it once! 

See, just look how happy desserts make me:) Yep, Cookie Monster was my favorite. I mean, he got to eat cookies all day long, not a bad gig if ya ask me!

 Behind the Name

Some of you may ask, where does the name Whipple Scrumptious  come from? Well it is a story that I love to tell, so here goes.

It was the summer of 2005 and I had just returned home from Poland where I was serving as a missionary. Shortly after getting back, my friend Heather and I started planning a trip to Europe, one that the two of us always planned to take together.

 While gallivanting our way from one country to the next, we would pondered the many mysteries of life. One of which included the very important question: What in the world was Julie going to do after returning back to the states?

You see, I was spending all my college money to wander around Europe not to mention I felt that my schooling needed to be redirected to something I was a little more interested in. It was then that my oh so wise friend Heather simply and brilliantly suggested,

"Why not go to culinary school?" (cue the heavens opening and cherubs sinning)

She was right. Why NOT go to culinary school?! I had always wanted to go! With that said the wheels began to turn. I knew I would eventually want to work for myself, therefor I would need a name. Heather and I began brainstorming.

To make a long story short (too late I know) after days of brainstorming and a few countries later, Heather and I decided to tuck into a small shop in Dublin for a quick snack. While browsing the candy section, and much to my surprise, I saw a candy bar that read Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight . I grabbed it. 

Whipple Scrumptious! That's me!!

I just loved the way the two words flowed so well together. You see, Whipple is my maiden name, I have always been very proud and fond of my last name and I wanted the name of my business to reflect some aspect of who I am, in any way possible. So there you have it! Shortly after returning to the states I applied for culinary school at Scottsdale Culinary Institute and then a few years after graduating I jumped on the blogging bandwagon and here I am! It's been a long but wonderful journey and I know that the best is still yet to come!